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from Jerry Pitman

3 Simple Steps to True Weight Loss -It’s Not Always so Black and White

Did you know that it’s actually a common story when a person’s tried tons of diets, books and exercise in the past and nothing has ever worked for them? It’s true, while each person is intrinsically unique in so many ways, pretty much everyone who’s tried to lose weight through the discouraging cycle of slow gain and temporary losses feels the exact same way. It is frustrating, and can be very discouraging, but don’t ever lose hope or cast everything aside. Don’t ever quit. Because, often it’s as simple as a tiny light of thought that comes on somewhere in your mind and things are different almost overnight. One word of caution, however: That “light in the darkness”… it’s most often found only by the person who continues pressing towards it. If they ever “sit down,” that’s where they’ll almost always stay.

So, here are 3 simple steps to get you up and moving.

1.) Simply realize that you are who you are and the person you’ll be tomorrow is likely who you are already being today. What this means is that our bodies will shape themselves around our actions and our actions will shape themselves around our opinions and attitudes. So, while it may seem on the surface that our bodies are at fault for our weight, for the most part it’s a problem that occurs early on in life with dietary and exercise habits, although it may not become evident until our 20’s. Sure genetics play a small role, but all of my own elders both on maternal and paternal are obese. By all rights, I should have been as well! What was the difference? I began to workout as a teen and just never stopped. Everyone should exercise regularly, frankly daily, it’s just not a common BELIEF (mindset) in our culture. But, trust me, it’s the truth. Whether you’re evolutionist or creationist, as I am, doesn’t matter; your body isn’t made up to be sedentary. That’s not even scientifically viable.

So, our goal has to be to reprogram this mental image we have of ourselves, our bodies, and exercise. See yourself as a good and positive being, capable of reaching any goal and capable of making any change. One has to fully decide to do that because fitness is in no way a “one-foot-in, one-foot-out” kind of thing.

2.) Start some sort of routine of exercise, but never with an end in mind. It’s o.k. to have a goal but realise that that goal will be your 2nd beginning. The routine of exercise and healthy diet doesn’t have to be formal. My first 7 to 10 or so years of working out, I never used a formal routine at all. I never even tried to stick to that. If I had, I might have gotten discouraged at some point! 😉  In reality, for much of that time I worked out for very simple reasons; I wanted a better physique, to better my self-defense, and as a kind of “hobby.” And when I didn’t feel like working out, I decided to do it.

Too often folks make some “new year’s resolution” that doesn’t stick. Honestly, I HATE new year’s resolutions now because I have learned what they truly represent, just another insincere promise, another failed attempt and temporary commitment. Instead, make a “New LIFE resolution”. If you make that, I promise it will work for you. The routine you start may or may not be formal, but exercise must become a lifestyle habit and that must be a decision to begin today (that said, I am still planning on creating these for sale and I’m currently planning on including a very good MEAL PLAN as a part of it since that’s what everyone’s told me they have a tough time with. So, head’s up for that). Begin today but simply do whatever you know. Tomorrow never comes. Even if it’s plain old push-ups, situps, and leg lifts. I was practically a “calisthenic guru” in my earlier years. I never lost much of that even though I have lots more muscle now. I kept it because I developed it to begin with and muscle has a type of memory.

3.) Begin learning about dieting even if you think you already know something. Lots of folks think that and I hear it all the time in a first meeting with new clients, only to find out later that they are hurting themselves through wrongful dieting, no kidding! It’s sometimes the most health conscious because they actually go overboard with eating in a way they think is healthy. The rest simply learn a few things and don’t learn enough to be effective. Begin to learn more about dieting and put it into practice.

I’ve talked to and heard of countless people who flat out refuse to eat vegetables or fruit. Yet, those are the things that we should never leave out of ANY meal. Those are REAL foods. Yes, as opposed to “fake” food, synthetic food, mass “produced” food, call it what you want; the processed stuff isn’t real. But, one has to make the decision to learn to enjoy vegetation. That simple shift in mindset alone will do wonders because it shifts attention away from processed foods and rediculous food “stuff” like pasta, which does absolutely nothing for anyone from any standpoint (the exception is that it is the “go-to” food when football linemen want to be sure to gain weight. As a weight gainer, it’s pretty effective!). It goes in the same category as potato chips and white bread. It’s an empty (empty calorie, empty carbohydrate) biproduct of what was once actually real food, the grain itself! But, if one is so convinced they don’t “like” vegetables or fruits, then they can be extremely tough to help because they’ve built up their own psychological barriers to change. Those walls can be like an impenetrable fortress for them because while they may want to change on the inside, their words, actions and beliefs prevent them from being able to do so and can sometimes even prevent a personal trainer from “breaking barrier”.

Remember that “try” is another word for failure and past failed attempts are only reference points for doubt and pain. I believe it’s Maxwell Maltz who recommended remembering past successes instead, even if seemingly unrelated, to draw on for strength. And, that makes a lot o’ sense.

See, fitness, the real deal, is like working in management. Think of how a department in business must be managed. If you just govern certain aspects of the department you manage, those aspects that you happen to enjoy, what would happen? Obviously, it would all fall apart, right? It would just fail. Like a machine who’s parts all flow and function together, your body and lifestyle choices must be the same way! When that happens, fit happens.

Make the shift over into eating healthier foods. That will afford you the ability to eat more, and more often, without upsetting your metabolic balance. Besides, you really get used to the taste and after a while you start to like it because the stuff that grows is what our bodies most naturally ingest and digest. And, you’ll feel better to boot.

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