My Approach

When training a client, I use a comprehensive approach. In other words, I train all physical attributes and use every  resource necessary to create an optimal environment for health and physical performance. Unless a person just wishes to be poor at any particular physical trait, then that trait should be trained. For instance, good cardiovascular health and conditioning will require some amount of cardio work. To be strong, one should exercise the musculoskeletal system regularly. Most people don’t actually want to be weak, so it’s necessary to train against weakness via resistance. The same is true for every part of our physical selves. If we want speed, we train to be quicker. If we want to be agile, then we have to train for coordination along with flexibility and so on. This principle of adaptation is especially true for martial artists and athletes. Fail to train them and they remain the same at best, grow weak and atrophy is more likely. Here’s a rundown of the attributes we should maintain:

  • Flexibility
  • Muscular Strength -can be broken down into various types: speed or explosive strength, power, functional strength, etc. i.e. a power lifter can easily bench press 350+ lbs, yet cannot typically pull/push himself up the way a gymnast can who may not even be able to bench press 170 lbs
  • Muscular Endurance -any exercise lasting for 15+ repetitions and/or a minimum of 45 seconds
  • Sports/Striking Speed and Sprinting
  • Reflex speed (“mind-to-body” reaction time)
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Coordination
  • Agility -coordination and flexibility at higher speeds.

In accordance, I also use the “Integrated approach” to fitness. This means that I include all the basic, various modalities of fitness into one’s regime. Becoming fit isn’t “one thing” that we do regularly. That’s a common mistake and is likely the reason most people fail. It’s the addition of many of the right things, which means lifestyle changes such as getting plenty of water each day, plenty of rest, periodization of workouts, types of resistance, cardio work, relaxation therapy, nutrition and supplementation. These are all part of the “wheel” of integrated fitness and need to be properly incorporated into your training if you want the best results. Of course, this is all a very brief and general introduction. It simply takes time to grasp well.


I am an ISSA certified fitness trainer (CFT) and have been training people of all ages and body types for almost seven years. In addition, I have trained up through the ranks of two different schools of martial arts since age 14. I started training in martial arts at age 14, but joined my first dojo at age 16. The first two years I practiced, daily, JKD by Bruce Lee which fundamentally taught never to get locked into one particular system. So, of course, I took up many various forms thereafter, wherever I could and from whomever I knew had something worthwhile. As a result, I have literally taken from a very wide variety of styles, some more than others. To mention the stronger influences; Chinese Kenpo, Korean Kang-Duk-Kwan, Japanese Shorin-Ryu, Jeet Kune Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (ground fighting), Muay Thai and plain old, hard-hitting western boxing. I greatly value “empty-hand” and the mastery of the body alone, so I have limited my weapons training primarily to the wooden weapons of nunchucks and Bo (long staff).


My Story

I started my training career at the age of 35 after working out since 14. At the turn of 16, I became self-1934278_1113403914621_3012908_nconscious about my thin appearance. I weighed in at under 150 lbs in those days, but had shot up to full height. So, I started lifting weights on a day-to-day basis. In my mid 20’s, I began to realize that while I was maintaining a good physique I wasn’t really adding a lot of muscle. In fact, I was still only weighing in at only 165 lbs! For a guy standing at 5’10” with a wide frame, that just didn’t do! I had had enough and set out to study as much as I possibly could. By then, especially once I hit 200 lbs, I had met and actually exceeded every fitness goal I had and continued to enjoy the lifestyle. So, I decided to get certified and the rest was history. While I still set goals for myself, I love helping others and spend a good deal of my time helping them to reach theirs. Most of my clients need weight loss and toning help. Currently serving Lansing, Michigan, Grand Ledge, Michigan & Dewitt.