Weekly Fitness Tips

from Jerry Pitman

Change is Imperative. Not Easy, but Vital to Your Goals.

If we’re not feeling the discomfort of change, then we’re probably not changing at all.

We all have a “comfort zone” and, if you’ve learned anything about any sort of success, you may realize already that removing yourself from this complacent existence is crucial if we want to change for the better. Remaining in it is what the “98 percent” do. Removing yourself from it is what you must do if you want true results. Change requires change; better circumstances require different decisions and different decisions absolutely demand a change of perspective and mindset. Remain in any state of apathy, and you’ll return to a “comfort zone” as naturally and suddenly as one returns to alcohol or any other state of self-pity. It’s almost effortless as we each inaccurately perceive ourselves to have it tougher than others. Yet, the end result is a tragic waste of valuable time and life and even a worse condition than before! We must separate ourselves from the 98%, the excuse makers, the average, and realize that it’s tough for anyone and everyone who wants to succeed in fitness or anything, and realize that this is why most will fail. You get back whatever you invest and you lose whatever you don’t. It’s bare spiritual law of sowing and reaping. You choose. But, this much is for sure, you will feel the “internal struggle” if you are working anything properly. It’s a struggle, a fight; not just for you, for everyone who tries. The truly glorious places in life are not reserved for the faint and the idle… but they’re reserved for the diligent and strong of heart.

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