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from Jerry Pitman

Fitness Training -Lifestylers vs Apprentices

When considering types of clients that hire personal trainers, while there are many ways to categorize them, and omitting athletes, I think of them in two basic categories.

The first type is what I’d call the Apprentice (I know, I know). The Apprentice just wants to get in and learn as much as humanly possible and eventually move into their own thing. Everyone knows about this group because it’s been touted in fitness for decades so I won’t go on. Obviously, a good approach!

The other type, however, is what I’d call the “Lifestyler”. The Lifestyler literally likes to keep their trainer on with them pretty much all the time. And, they’re growing in popularity the world over! Some folks, many in fact, express that fitness training isn’t a “need”. In reality, it may well be one of the most important needs we have, especially as a culture here in the U.S. and I can and could make an incredibly strong case for that! But, that’s a different day. One case in point is simply that the obesity epidemic isn’t curbing, actually it continually only gets worse.

See, fitness & health are like identical twins! While they may not be the exact same thing, they are so closely tied that it is all but impossible to separate the two. And, what’s the avenue to fitness? Exercise and healthy eating. See how that works? Without the regular exercise and healthy eating, we don’t get to have the fitness; subsequently, our health suffers by the minute. Our weight comes up.

In our culture, we perceive that their are many reasons for weight gain due to the conflicting “research” and “expert” opinion. This makes the awareness problem much worse! As a personal trainer of 9 years and just watching the habits of countless people around me by age 44, I can tell you that very, very few people do both exercise and eat well. You would be surprised. The vast majority do neither, even when they think they’re dieting it’s horribly incorrect. So, if you thought you could at least count that, probably not.

In my eyes, their is ONE major problem & cause. It’s this: The fitness lifestyle simply isn’t there for 95 to 97% of people. That means well over 9 of 10 ppl we see walking around aren’t doing anything, whether they are thin or not! Many “thin” people are inactive and eat horribly. The real problem is so evident to me now. But, I had no clue 10 years ago, before becoming a trainer. I thought that there were many reasons. No. No not really, there aren’t.
And, while most have an idea to some degree of this, still, finding motivation is another big problem. It’s the BEAR of the problem. The grizzly to wrestle with.

The Lifestyler recognizes this emotional disconnect to wanting to exercise (and/or diet) & simply decides that “Hey, if my results are going to be better and I’m going to be happier with a trainer, then why not just keep them around?” And, as a result, they feel better, look better, eat better… and as happier people, essentially increase the overall quality of life! That’s the big reason to hire a p.t.! It isn’t just about looking great; it’s life, love, relationships, & great health. The Lifestyler may well recognize that “Sure, they can lose weight on their own… or, could. Heck, they might even be able to keep it off.” But, if things are that much better with a trainer, then they choose “with”!

When we think of need vs. want (because I hear that a lot when folks are thinking of training & budgeting), what are we basing our investment decision on?

Let’s look at some examples: How much are we spending on having a “nicer, slicker” car each month? How much are we spending on home upgrades? On a mortgage for a little bigger, little better house? New furniture? How much did we invest in a purely cosmetic surgery? How much do we shell out in eating out breakfast, lunches including dinners each week & month? How much do we spend on inessentials such as cigs & beers? Credit card interest. How much for going out with friends to movies & entertainment? Do you even know? And, I’m sure there’s a whole lot more to add to this list.

We live in a hyper-consuming country & our values seem to be “bigger is better”… “more is better,” extravagance even. So, when we say, “Is this a need?” when we’re considering whether to hire or not… perhaps we should be a bit more clear on what we are actually valuing as a need and the “wants” we are already spending our hard earned money on! If we’re really honest, we’ll see that it’s going out all over the place, and none of which is a bolster to our health and mindset.

Lifestylers may be seen as living in luxury; but, it isn’t really luxury, it’s hard work. And, while having a certain lifestyle is more expensive, we have to consider that perhaps they’re just living smarter… at very least, valuing their money differently than most do. God only knows how much time I might have saved myself by hiring a Personal Trainer in my 20’s or 30’s, or where I’d be today had I.

Most are “investing” to look better in a nicer car,

Others invest to look better, feel better, be stronger, live longer.

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