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from Jerry Pitman

Getting to the Heart of Fitness and When to Start a Training Regimen

I am not a guru at business. I mean, I get by. I work at it. I do what I need to to make my living. But, really… I don’t get business that well. I never did. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever really get it. The more you learn, the more you realize there is that you need to learn and do. As much as I’m able to help and reach people; as much as I’m able to change lives and impact attitudes toward fitness and so on, I am just not absolutely sure that being a tried and true “big” CEO will ever really be in the cards.

But, there’s one thing I definitely get and will always probably get. One thing that really resonates with me as well as anything. One thing that has been very much a part of my life for over 27 years now and has given back to me as much as I’ve put into it and, in some ways, maybe more. That one thing, of course, is fitness.

When someone comes to me for help, they usually don’t come to me with a cavalier attitude and full of ideas on how they want to get fit. Oh sure, every now and then you get the type who tries to come in and control just how they’d like you to get them fit as if that has been working for them, but as a rule that just isn’t usually the case. An important side note here. That kind of thinking NEVER works for them; that lack of willingness to “give” themselves to exercise and diet in the first place is largely why they struggle and these folks almost always continually struggle but they think they know what they need so they’re adamant about telling me how they’d like their training as if it’s an order of Filet Mignon topped with mushrooms and a side of potatoes and buttery asparagus.  As Bruce Lee used to teach, in order to drink what is in my cup, you must first empty yours, leaving behind preconceived notions and ideas.  This approach is crucial to getting the absolute most from any training experience.

Inversely, people usually come to me very lost in everything, lost in what to do, how to do it, how often, how much, how hard, when to train, where to train, especially what and how to eat, and the list goes on. And, while they may feel lost, they of course end up with the most dramatic results due to their natural openness (empty cup)…

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  1. patrick pitman

    I have watched my son grow and become the man he is, I can testify to his dedication and his love for physical fitness. he has a heart of gold and feels everyone should be concerned about his / her fitness.follow his guidance listen to his words (empty your cup).you will be very happy you did. Mr Patrick Pitman

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