Premier Personal Training

You can’t put a price on health and wellness. It’s absolutely central to everything else you do in life. But, let’s face it, it’s more than just health. It’s absolute quality of life. We look better, we feel better, we carry ourselves better, we relate to others better as our confidence soars, work conditions can and often do improve, we build physical coordination that was never even there, we often overcome health and joint issues, we even get healthier when we already might have thought we were healthy, we build new functional strength, and begin to realize that we can do things we never even dreamed we could do; in essence, we become happier, stronger, much more lively and vibrant people, and the list of positive changes goes on!!!  Contact me today to discuss options.

1x Personalized Pro Fitness Plan

Starting at $299
  • 3-Month Customized Exercise Plan
  • 1 hr Phone or In-Person Consultation including nutrition
  • Monthly Online Check-In and Optimization
  • Access to Client-Exclusive Content and Fitness Tips

Personal Training

Contact for options
  • 45 min Training Sessions
  • Dedicated 1-on-1 Attention
  • Customized Training Approach
  • Regular Performance Checkins
  • Focus on Form and Results
  • Access to Client-Exclusive Content and Fitness Tips

Semi-Private Training (Unavailable at this time)

$29 Per Person
  • 45 min Training Sessions
  • Results-Oriented Personal Training Approach
  • Positive Competitive Environment
  • Comfortable & Trustworthy Atmosphere
  • Access to Client-Exclusive Content & Fitness Tips

Limited-Time Special Offer!

Interested in personal training but not sure if it’s for you? For a limited time I’m offering every new client one free 45 minute trial session and phone consultation.

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